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Hi, my name’s Shar and I’m a photographer based in Napier, New Zealand.

Whether its wedding or a portrait photography, my goal is to capture a piece of your story in the most interesting and honest way possible. When you work with me, I not only want you to love your images,
but I want you to love the experience. I believe that photography should be GENUINE, EMOTIONAL and FUN.

If you think we could be a good match for each other, Please get in touch below.


If you’re interested in having me shoot your family portrait, or you think my photographic style and artistic vision would be a good fit for your wedding, I’D LOVE TO CHAT WITH YOU!

PLEASE NOTE: I’m only taking a very limited amount of weddings & portraits at the moment. Please let me know all your details below, and I’ll be in touch. (You could also email me on info@sharhays.com) THX

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